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Have you got what it takes?

we have AN APPRENTICESHIP spot available

Program description

As our apprentice, you are a sponge that wants to soak up all the knowledge and gain experience in the field of coaching CrossFit classes. Your ultimate goal is to transition from apprentice, into a part-time or full-time coach at Wildhearts. You don't back away from cleaning duties and not afraid of being in front of a crowd. You like to hang around in the gym, bond with our members and you're invested in building a relationship with them.

You are a little OCD and like to keep things nice and clean. You are devoted to keep the entire gym in the best possible state and nothing is going to stop you from doing that. You are dedicated to learn, not afraid for feedback and you're ready to invest a lot of time to do so.

So if this sounds like you, you could be a right fit!

What we ask for is that

  • You are passionate for CrossFit/functional fitness

  • You are in possession of (or are open to get) a valid CrossFit level 1 certificate (or higher)

  • You are available for at least 3 shifts per week (early morning, evening and/or weekends)

  • You are available during holidays (Kings day, 2nd day of Christmas, 2nd day of Easter etc.)

  • You have (or are open to get) a first aid certificate

  • You can speak and write fluently english

  • You can anticipate and take action

  • You have a professional mindset and presence

  • You are a team player

What we offer

You will start as an apprentice with a twelve (12) to twenty-four (24) hour contract for an initial period of three (3) months + one (1) trial month. The apprenticeship will be reimbursed, depending on experience, performance and hours worked. Besides that, we offer the following intern benefits:

  • The best hands-on education on how te become a CrossFit coach

  • A happy & healthy workplace in the city centre of Rotterdam

  • Free barista training from our partner Giraffe coffee roasters

  • Free group class workouts

  • The sweetest co-workers and lovely members

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