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Nutrition forms the foundation to any activity of the human body, so fueling our body with the right nutrition is essential.

Our Nutrition coaching program is completely customized to fit your goals and lifestyle in a judgement-free environment with an engaged coach to support you every step of the way.

Dial in your fitness by way of wholesome, fuel-focused nutrition. We’ve created a fine-tuned nutrition program, powered by Working Against Gravity, to ensure that every minute you spend in the gym pays off, mentally and physically. Our nutrition coach will work with you to help you turn your sweat sessions into the results you’re after.

Whether you are a CrossFit Wildhearts member or live across the Netherlands and are looking for a Nutrition program that works and is sustainable... this is for you.

That’s right, we accept remote clients as well for this Nutrition program!

How does it work?

Decide to transform your life

Sign up for a free intake session. During the intake you'll meet with one of our Nutrition coaches where you will discuss your goals, what's your current nutrition like and what you're hoping to get from working with us. 

Start your personalized nutrition program

This program pairs you with a nutrition coach from our gym who has been screened, trained and certified to teach you the ins and outs of meal prepping, weighing, tracking and more. Your coach understands that every physical body is different. They listen, adjust and help you learn how to make sense of your own anatomy and relationship with food. Because no two bodies are the same.

Receive your nutrition plan

Fill out our questionnaire so we can get to know you. Then you'll be equipped with a custom nutrition plan and instructions, strategies and advice for your first week on how to start tracking your nutrition intake.

Weekly check-ins

Each week, you’ll have an official online check-in with your coach to measure progress, talk about your week and make adjustments to your program. This accountability and support is going to be the key to your success.

Let your coach get to know you

You can message your coach anytime! The conversation doesn’t stop at the check-ins. Think of your coach as your ultimate penpal, one who will make sure you’re always supported, motivated and equipped to stay on the path to progress. Your coach will usually respond within 24 hours.

Gain a support group and enjoy sustainable success

Unlock access to our members-only Facebook page. As you work toward your ultimate goals, you’ll learn a ton about your nutrition, your body and yourself in general, leaving you with the knowledge and skills to continue leading a healthy, happy life.

What to expect

  • Learn how to track your food and use tracking apps


  • Learn what your body needs in order to feel and perform at its best


  • Gain an understanding of serving sizes, quality and nutritional composition of your favorite dishes


  • Establish habits and routines


  • Learn about yourself and your tendencies with food – emotions, triggers, cravings, etc.


  • Develop a positive relationship with food


  • Experience first-hand the importance of consistency to see the best possible results


  • Work through the initial discomfort of tracking your food, eating at restaurants and dealing with peer pressure


*Results may vary. Following your coach’s guidelines is required for best results.


Experience the benefits of one-on-one nutrition coaching, with one of our coaches who has passed the entire WAG Coaching Course. He or she will work with you to develop a plan to reach your goals. And, by the “end,” you’ll become the expert.

It’s an investment worth making in your health, one that buys earned results.

€ 130,-/month
Included with program:
  • Personal nutrition plan

  • Weekly online check-ins with your coach

  • Anytime access to nutrition coaching and support with guaranteed 24/hr response time

  • Access to members-only Facebook Group

  • Online nutrition portal inside our web app, Seismic

  • Knowledge Base full of exclusive macro-counting education

  • The same nutrition program that’s helped over 15,000 people reach their health and fitness goals!

*** First 3 month commitment
€ 65,-/month
The alumni program is only available to those who have been a nutrition member 
for over 6 months 
Included with program:
  • Monthly online check-ins with your coach

  • Anytime access to nutrition coaching and support with guaranteed 24/hr response time

  • Access to members-only Facebook Group

  • Online nutrition portal inside our web app, Seismic

  • The knowledge and confidence to nail your nutrition on your own, with the support of your coach and team still at your fingertips 

*** Monthly terminable