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10 questions answered about my Lowlands prep

Most of you know that I am preparing for the Finals of the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown that will be held on May 31st till June 2nd. Some of you see me in the morning, some of you see me in the afternoon or evening and most of you see me doing something different than the regular Wildhearts program. The last few weeks I got lots of questions about my prep. It’s super nice to see everyone so interested and enthusiastic! So I figured you might like it that I answer 10 of the most asked questions for you all!

#1 Do you really train twice a day? Yes, at the moment I am training twice a day on some weekdays. In the morning I do a conditioning workout and in the afternoon/evening I do strength and/or skill training and a WOD. In the weekend I am doing a longer session. And I have one full rest day a week.

#2 Why are you doing so much conditioning?

Some of the Wildhearts (especially the ‘morning crew’) see me doing lots of running, biking and rowing. I am however not doing more conditioning than I train the other components, I am just doing more than usual of everything. The conditioning workouts help me to get really fit and to get used to working under a high heartrate. And although we don’t know what workouts I will get in the Finals; there will for sure be something with running, biking or rowing.

#3 What do you eat? A lot: partyyyy! Just kidding... No to be serious, I do eat way more than usual. But I am really eating to support this amount of training and to fuel my body in the right way. That means I am tracking my macro’s every day. I am weighing and logging all my food to keep track of my carbs, protein and fat. It’s certainly no punishment to eat more (#teamcarbs yay) but it does take lots of planning, food prepping and time to get all my food on point. I allow myself one meal a week of not tracking (to stay sane peeps ;-))

#4 How do you recover?

Recovery is a hard thing when you’re training this much. I try to be in bed at 10pm every night (even in the weekends). I try to take my rest moments where I can. And I plan way less (almost none) social stuff. Also, my food helps me to recover and I am doing my mobility work. Plus, I am getting a weekly massage to keep my muscles flexible. Don’t think that is nice though, cause these massages are no joke…

#5 Do you program yourself? No way! I wouldn’t be able to do this by myself. I am relying on coach G for the full 100%. I give him my limitless trust and ‘just’ do whatever he tells me to. We are in this together. For me, this is the only way to do such a prep. It does mean though that not only I but he too puts in lots of work and time and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that.

#6 Is it hard?

YES. I can not make it any prettier guys. Training twice a day and combining that with a full time business is HARD! I make really long days, have no me-time left whatsoever and it’s not an easy time for my loving husband Sander… But hard does not mean that I am not having fun. I am really enjoying this process to the max. I am having lots of fun and I am training with lots of motivation. I am very happy with all the Wildhearts that surround me, train with me and support me.

#7 Are you ready?

Not yet but getting there! I can see the progress and that gives me confidence, but I have some more work to do. I have two hard weeks of training left and then one week of ‘tapering’. So when the Finals are there, I’ll be ready!

#8 Do you get nervous? Hell yeah! I am not nervous yet, but when I am on that competition floor my heart is racing before the beep of 3-2-1-start goes! Because of my years of experience competing in another sport I have learned to use these nerves in my favor. Cause they also give that adrenaline boost that make you able to push a little bit harder and shine a little bit brighter!