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Beginners guide to CrossFit: your 10 commandments

CrossFit became one of the fastest growing sports worldwide in the last years. No wonder more and more people are getting into this ‘sport of fitness’. We cheer for that, because we believe in the challenging and effective way of training to get fit for life and live healthy. However, being not a seasoned CrossFitter or maybe even a true newbie, by raising your bar in fitness (literally and figuratively) you also raise some risks. So, wanna have a kick start, get healthy and become better? Then here are your 10 commandments!

#1 Yes you can start

We hear it all the time: “No I cannot start, CrossFit is for fit people.” Guess what: everyone can start. CrossFit is a sport that can be made suitable for everyone by adapting movements, weights, reps and so forth. You see all these fit people in the box, but they started at the some point as you. And they remember that like it was yesterday, so they understand you. By doing CrossFit you will get fitter you ever were, but you have to start somewhere!

#2 Gear up

No, you don’t have to spend all your money on new fancy stuff, but fact is that some gear is a good investment to start your fitness journey. You don’t go running on fashion sneakers either, right? So buy yourself some good CrossFit shoes (they are on sale all the time), some grips to protect your hands and a jumping rope. This is a good base for your CrossFit workouts.

#3 Watch your food

“Ok, I deserved this pizza for sure cause I just did a CrossFit training.” Recognize this? People that start working out tend to eat more than they need just because working out seems to be a ‘license to eat’. Don’t get me wrong, a pizza once in a while is no problem, but balance is key. You don’t have to overdo it because you’re working out three times a week now. If you want some results, than watch your food because that is evenly (and even more!) important for your fitness as training.

Eat whole unprocessed foods: make sure you get your unprocessed proteins, eat lots of veggies (and beans) and some fruits, nuts and seeds. Some may choose to include some minimally processed (plantbased) dairy or grain items.

#4 Don’t go too fast

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your fitness. We understand you want to go fast and get some results. We love that enthusiasm! But it’s our goal to keep you safe and sound and that should be yours too. By going too fast you will risk injuries. So when we see you all of a sudden every day, there is a chance your workout of the next day will be compulsory couch surfing… ;-) Remember, you’re in this for the long run!

#5 Take care of yourself

Not going too fast is part of taking care of yourself, but there’s more to it. Pay attention in the warm up and cool down and take it slow to get your body ready and rested again. Work on your mobility to get better results and cut your muscles some slack (we have an iPad at the front desk with a ROMWOD subscription). Take care of your hands when they have much to endure. And sleep enough, cause in bed is where your body is really built after training.

#6 Choose form over weight

It’s sooooo tempting. You see the weights on the board and at the bars around you. Should you get some more? We all know this inner voice and we’ve all chosen a too heavy weight at some point. But instead of ignoring and repeating, use that lesson learned. As long as you’re not mastering the moves than ALWAYS choose form over weight. No you’re not a pussy, you are a responsible and wise athlete getting the basics right to become better!

#7 Don’t fail to scale

In one way or the other lots of people think that scaling is a negative thing. Well we’ve got some news for you: It’s. Just. Not. Scaling is the perfect way to adjust the workout to your personal needs and goals. We’ve talked weights already, but also movements (and reps) can be scaled to create a workout that is suitable, safe and on the right intensity for YOU. So it’s better to leave your ego at the door. If you let your pride get the best of you and attempt too high weights or too complex movements, the only outcome you are setting yourself up for is an injury. And the goal was about health and fitness right?

#8 Consistency is key

Slow and steady is the best way to build an athlete. Say that again? Yep, stability is the base for every success in sports. There are no shortcuts and there are no fast lanes. Steady and consistent training will get you to achieve your goals. So if you’re not yet used to a structure of training, then work on that first. Make your workouts one of your priorities, just like work or family things. Plan your week ahead, put it in your agenda and make it a date with yourself. And your new CrossFit buddies!

#9 Compare yourself with… yourself

CrossFit can fuel your competitive drive, which is okay to an extent because it can be motivating. But the pitfall is that you easily compare yourself with others, even when they are more experienced, younger, taller, smaller, heavier, or whatsoever. This comparison with others is in the way of that ‘slow and steady’ we just talked about. It’s human nature to try to constantly improve. But what (or who?) do you want to improve on? So, is the first thing you do - entering the box - looking on the scoreboard to set your goals for the day? Are you during the WOD focusing on yourself or on racing your neighbor? Do you get grumpy when you see better scores in SugarWOD? Just think about this and ask yourself: are you a pro athlete that has to win the Games? Or are you in this to create a better, fitter and healthier you? I think we all know the answer.

#10 Listen to your coach

We are here for you. And that being said means the advice we give is for you. We get educated, build our knowledge and gain experience. We want you to get better, fitter, healthier and have fun at the same time. And we want to keep you safe. In CrossFit we trust on people to make their own choices most of the times. But remember that the coaches are here to coach. So don’t ignore those cues just to get de workout done faster. Don’t be stubborn when we tell you to take a lighter weight. We have your best interests at heart. That is our job. Period.

Let’s train together and have some fun. See you in the box!



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