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Covid-19 Class Protocol


Facility ventilation

Throughout the day we will keep our overhead door open to ensure enough fresh air flow in the facility.

Attendee registration

With our class booking system we will ensure all attendees will be registrated in our system. In case of an covid-19 infected attendee, we will notify all other attendees who might have been in contact with the individual and take preliminary actions.

On-site class size 

We will keep our class sizes to max of 12 available spots per class for now. This way we ensure a safe environment for all attendees. We will look into the option to increase our class sizes as we move forward.

Adjusted on-site class schedule

We will adjust our class schedule to accommodate as much participants per day as possible. We will however adjust the class schedule as we move forward when possible.

Adjusted on-site class duration

We will adjust the class duration to max 45 min per class to ensure enough time for cleaning up and also to make sure the classes won’t overlap. In this way we create minimal inter-personal contact.

Showers / toilets / wardrobe

The showers, toilets and wardrobe are open and available. Max 5 people are allowed in this area. We will provide a take-away service for sealed / pre-packed products. 

On-site before / after class clean-up

Before and after each class you will have enough time to clean all used equipment thoroughly. Our crew will perform extra checks before each class, to make sure that all equipment is safe to use.

Inter-personal contact

We discourage all inter-personal contact during our classes, so air-fives only!

Work stations

During each class all attendees will be assigned to their own work station. Each work station will have at least 1.5 meter distance between each other. Sharing equipment is allowed, but not mandatory and completely at your own risk.


To minimize contact with other attendees, all participants will need to adhere to the following protocols 


  • Arrive max 5 min prior to class

  • Don't come too late for class (you will be excluded to attend the class)

  • Come dressed in proper workout geat, with minimal luggage (only what you need for the workout)

  • Arrive separately (unless you are from the same household)

  • Please wait at the designated waiting area, until our crew invites you to enter the workout area

  • In case of bad weather the waiting area is underneath the 'gate' (check video above)

  • Make sure to use the 1.5 meter marks to create enough distance between other attendees at the waiting area

  • Don’t enter the workout area without permission

  • When invited in, using the hand desinfectant is mandatory (use the designated station)

  • Water fills are possible in the bathrooms

  • Walk straight to your designated workstation

  • Please don’t cross any other workstations, walking from/towards your workstation

  • Always make sure to keep 1.5 meter distance between other attendees

  • Feel free to sanitize your workstation prior to class

  • Wait in your workstation until the class starts


  • Make sure to read the workout notes prior to class

  • During class, you will need to stay around the designated marking

  • Please only use the equipment that is necessary for the workout

  • Use a (sports) towel to wipe your face, avoid using your hands in your face as much as possible

  • Inter-personal contact is not allowed

  • After the workout, thoroughly sanitize all used equipment

  • After the workout, thoroughly sanitize all sweat and other body fluids

  • Collect all waste to throw away upon exit (see exit protocols)


  • Wait at your workstation until our crew will direct you to exit your workstation

  • Please take all your luggage and waste with you

  • Please don’t cross any other workstations

  • Make sure to keep a safe distance from other attendees (minimal 1.5 meters)

  • Throw away all waste in the designated bin at the exit

  • Pick up your take away order (optional)

  • Staying after class at the waiting area is allowed, however max 20 people

  • Always keep 1.5m distance between other attendees


  • Feeling sick? Stay home and do a covid-19 test at the GGD.

  • Been in contact with anyone who is sick? Stay home and do a covid-19 test at the GGD.

  • Always keep 1,5m distance

  • Always follow the protocols

  • Always adhere to the directions of our crew

  • Don’t come to class early

  • Don’t come to class too late

  • Bring your own towel

  • No inter-personal contact

  • Avoid public transport

  • Don’t sign out for class, unless you’re feeling sick!

  • Always clean up after yourself

  • Don’t hang around after class

  • Pay extra attention to the instructions of our crew members

  • Prepare for outdoor weather circumstances (dress accordingly)

If you have got infected with covid-19, please email, so that we can take preliminary actions.

Please follow the protocols and help keeping Wildhearts a safe environment to all!



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