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How to stay motivated?

How to stay motivated; let’s keep that fire burning

The Open is almost done! And probably you’ve had no trouble what so ever to motivate yourself during these five weeks. But what now? Are you able to stay motivated throughout the rest of the year? We all have our ups-and-downs and when you’re human you know how it feels to ‘not feel like training’ sometimes. But how can you keep this motivation fire burning for the next months? Some tips and tricks.

Get back to the rhythm The Open is a wonderful and fun period, but it also messes with your rhythm. Big chance you did not hold onto your regular workout schedule. That’s just fine for those last five weeks, but structure is something that lots of athletes need for getting in that workout flow. So, get back to your rhythm and routine asap!

Set a goal Setting a new goal will help you in multiple ways to stay motivated. That doesn’t mean you have to find a CrossFit competition or other ‘big cause’. The Open can help you set your new goals. Didn’t manage to get that first toe to bar? Didn’t hit the heavy clean you aimed or hoped for? Or was that one muscle up too much to ask for? Than simply use those ‘fails’ to become your new goals.

Keep track

Tracking your workouts will help you to keep an eye on your progress. So, make sure you log your workouts in SugarWod or any other app you can use for this. Update your barbell PR’s, log your Girls and track the results on the three-monthly Benchmark WODs. This will help you to prepare better for every workout and to stay motivated to hit that progress.

While you’re at it, keeping track of your nutrition can be a major motivator as well, because results will show! Want to know how to do that? Our Nutrition Program can help.

Hook up with a buddy

Trouble dragging yourself off the couch? Think that Netflix is becoming your best friend? Hook up with another buddy! Make plans to hang out together in the gym, hit that team workout, plan the same WOD together, or make a buddy challenge where you ‘throwdown’ the gauntlet.

After your workout there’s still time for some Netflix & chill ;)


Planning is everything. Plan your WODs like your work meetings. Why should your self care be less important than anything else? Schedule the workouts in your weekly agenda. Make a plan for the whole week. It’s all about priority. Note: taking care of yourself is the only way to be able to take care of others or your tasks.

Try new things

Are you kinda stuck? Or a bit bored maybe? Remember this one: “Regularly learn and play new sports.” Try some new things that can support your CrossFit. Go for that weekly swim. Hit the road for some running, or even better: hit the trails! Find that climbing wall or obstacle course. It will give you tons of fun and lots of new motivation!

Just go

Last but not least. You can sit and think about not feeling like training all day. But in the end it will help you most to not think and just go. You’ll feel on top of the world afterwards.



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