• CrossFit Wildhearts

Preventative Measures

Dear Wildheart,

With the recent news on the corona virus outbreak we wanted to give you an update on our point of view and our preventative measures. First of all we want you to know that we are committed to stay open, as long as we are permitted to do so, but also want to be responsible at the same time.

We believe in the importance of your fitness and health and that the time spend in the gym will contribute to that. However we are strong believers of a 'better be safe, than sorry' mindset. Therefor we will need to take precautions and we will take the following preventative measures.



Increase of cleaning frequency

We will clean all 'hotspots' in the gym more frequently.

Door knots, barbells and all other equipment/items that are used frequently, will get a proper wipe down on a regular basis.

Stay at home workouts

We will launch a special workout track in SugarWOD with stay at home workouts for all our members that need to stay in-house. You can find this track in the SugarWOD app if you click the ‘workout of the day’ button on the whiteboard.

Increase cleaning utilities & stations

We will increase our cleaning utilities and create more stations for all of our members/visitors to use during their workout.

Decrease class sizes

We will decrease our class sizes to a max of 10 spots per class in order to have enough personal space. We will enroll this for all upcoming classes that are not fully booked yet.

Decrease of equipment needed

We will decrease the amount of equipment that is needed during our classes. This way we want to decreased the amount of contactpoints.

Inter-personal contact

As for now we won’t be programming any buddy workouts during our classes and highly discourage high fives or any other variation, to decrease inter-personal contact. Our last buddy workout will be held tomorrow during the Bring A Friend workout.

Visitor notification

All our visitors will be notified of our policy on this matter, prior to visiting our facility.