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Update: New government measures

Keeping you healthy & safe is our top priority!

We are happy to report that with the recent announcements of the government, we are allowed to stay open! 🙌🏻🏋🏼‍♀️

However, we will have to make some adjustments to our current offering. This will take effect from Thursday 5/11.

Below you will find the changes for the upcoming two (2) weeks, or until the government will advise otherwise:

Supervised Open Gym + Unsupervised Open Gym

Group classes are not allowed in the new government measures. Therefor we will change all CrossFit, Weightlifting and Metcon classes into Supervised Open Gym hours with a maximum of 12 participants (this means that there is always a coach present who offers individual guidance, but will not lead a class).

All current Open Gym hours will be changed into Unsupervised Open Gyms with a maximum of 6 participants.

Flex class will continue as usual but spots will be limited to max 15 participants

It is not allowed to book two (2) consecutive Supervised Open Gym hours. However, you are allowed to book a (supervised/unsupervised) Open Gym hour and a consecutive Flex class.

Our regular class booking protocols will remain.


Each participant will have a designated workstation available and can only use the equipment that is available at their workstation, during Supervised Open Gym hours. During Unsupervised Open Gym hours it is possible to use other equipment.

Daily workout programming

We will program daily workouts that will include a warm-up, strength/skill part and a workout (individual and team variation) that you can perform during the Supervised and Unsupervised Open Gym hours. Of course, you can also do your own workouts.

50 min countdown clock

At the start of each new time slot there will be a countdown clock running down from 50 minutes to 0.

Participants must complete their workout within this time and within 55 minutes, have cleaned all equipment and left the facility.

Participants can use the countdown clock for reference on their workout time or use their own stopwatch function on their phones to keep track of time.

Waiting area

We advise all members to sit at an outdoor table with max 2 people or stand with max of 2 people together, with at least 1,5m distance between each other.

Currently not possible (during supervised Open Gym)

It is not possible to use the rig during the Supervised Open Gym. However, it is possible to use the rig during Unsupervised Open Gym.

Weekly programming schedule

We will maintain the following programming schedule for this upcoming period:

Mon - Strength/skill + WOD Tue - Strength/skill + WOD + Metcon Wed - Strength/skill + WOD Thu - Strength/skill + WOD + Metcon Fri - Weightlifting + WOD Sat - Strength/skill + WOD Sun - Strength/skill + WOD

Our coaches are there for you

All our coaches remain active and will be there for you during each Supervised Open Gym hour. They will supervise each hour and are open for any questions you'll have.

Memberships + class packs

Memberships and class packs remain unchanged.

Beginner course

The Beginner Course PT sessions will continue. We will, however, change the 3 follow-up group classes into guided Supervised Open Gym sessions.


Drop-ins are still welcome, but will be notified of the new situation and offering.


Bar remains open for take-away orders.

Showers and dressing rooms

The showers and dressing rooms remain closed. Toilets can only be used after asking a coach.

Please remember that the COVID-19 class protocols remain in effect.

Wildhearts roadmap

We've created our very own Wildhearts roadmap to make clear what actions and precautions we will take during each phase of the governments rules and regulations.

Keep in mind the the measures stated in this roadmap can change due to changes from the government (as in the current situation).

You can find the Wildhearts roadmap here.


We're happy to stay open and to keep you fit and healthy! With these adjustments we hope to deliver the same quality of service that we are known for and to help you stay safe and healthy at the same time.

If you have any questions concerning these changes, feel free to send an email to We'll be happy to be of any assistance.

We thank you for understanding and helping us keeping the gym a safe environment to all!

Team Wildhearts



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