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Wildheart of the Month | Henriëtte

Time for a brand new Wildheart of the Month (WOM)! Every month we interview one of our Wildhearts. We ask them about their Crossfit journey, their day job, their favorite movements and about some other goofy stuff. This month our WOM is Henriëtte Verhoeff (33), spokeswoman at a waste processing company, a Wildheart since 2016, who found CrossFit to be the sport that intrigued and challenged her the most...


I have done many sports in the passed, but every time that I started a new sport or fitness regimen I would become so bored after a while that it would not take long before I would quit. A time ago, before finding CrossFit, I was doing Bootcamp training and at the time Coach G was my bootcamp instructor, where we did some sort of '8 weeks to fabulous' program. It was all fun and games with a small group of ladies and that's where I've met Romana, who is also a Wildheart. I remember that some time later, when the 8 week program ended, Romana started to train at the old location of Sixforty (which is now CrossFit Wildhearts). Then when Sixforty moved to their current location I got tempted to see what it is that they are doing... so I jumped the wagon and decided to join!

Consistency, consistency, consistency...

To me CrossFit was (and sometimes still is) really frustrating, because at the very beginning I was getting confronted a lot with my physical limitations, which was my lack of mobility that would result into injuries if I would push it too hard. So in my very first year I was struggling the most to come in regularly for a workout. Thanks to the continues "stalking" of our lovely Vivienne, who was reaching out to me for not getting in the gym, I decided that I needed to get things straight... what I needed the most was consistency. I realized that if I really wanted to become better in CrossFit, I needed to become more consistent in my weekly training schedule. So at that point I decided to do at least 150 workouts in a year to really focus on being more consistent.

Becoming a habit

After reaching my goal of 150 workouts, CrossFit became more of a habit and a part of my life. It amazed me that a year ago I had to drag myself to the box and now I love it so much that it's not a struggle whatsoever. Another positive feature is that I've become so much better in doing CrossFit and by gradually increasing the intensity, I've grown so much. I have recently even been able to do my first real handstand push-ups and pistol squats!

Less bodyfat, means more pull-ups ;)

The power of nutrition

Now that I've reached my first goal of embracing CrossFit in my daily life, my next adventure was to focus on my nutrition. I knew there that was a lot to gain on that part, so I've reached out to Coach G to help me out and I started the Nutrition Coaching program. In the last couple of months we‘ve been working towards a healthy way of eating and fueling my body, so that it supports my performance and goals. Following the program has been really enjoyable and I’ve had great results, which motivates me even more because it shows me that the possibilities are limitless.

Love it or hate it

Give me a workout with double unders and I’m a happy but never add thrusters because that’s when I transform into a slow turtle. So hopefully we’re not going to redo CrossFit Open workout 17.5 this CrossFit Open season (fingers crossed).

Big shoutout

I must insist to give a big shoutout to Coach G and Vivienne for creating a unique place called CrossFit Wildhearts, that has become my second home and family. I’m proud to be a Wildheart and can’t wait to go on the next Wildheart Weekender, which I already know is going to be epic!

Stay tuned for the next Wildheart of the Month!



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