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Wildheart of the Month | Cassim

It’s time for a brand new Wildheart of the Month (WOM)! Every month we interview one of our Wildhearts. We ask them about their Crossfit journey, their day job, their favorite movements and about some other goofy stuff. This month our WOM is Cassim Leeuwenburgh (39), entrepreneur, founder of an online marketing agency, father and Wildheart from day one!

To burnout or not to burnout

‘I used to be manager at an online marketing agency. Here I learned how to get quick results for small business owners by using online marketing tools like Google and Facebook Advertising. I was working 80 to 90 hours a week and my son asked me why I was sitting behind my laptop all the time… Looking back I think it is because of Crossfit that I didn’t end up in a burnout. My mind was in overdrive all the time, I had a lot of projects going on, was monitoring all the campaigns we were running, I had to talk to all different clients and come up with quick solutions. Crossfit really helped me clear my head.’

‘I think it is because of Crossfit that I didn’t end up in a burnout’.

Me, myself and I

‘Starting my own business was one of the best decisions I ever made. Six months ago I decided to be an entrepeneur. I founded my own online marketing agency and work with a network of freelancers with whom I help small business owners implement online marketing. Six months later I have to say that I love it. I make my own rules, decide everything for myself, and it works out very well.’

Stubborn shoulder injury

‘I am glad I am able to train 4 times a week again, after struggling with a shoulder injury for some years. The injury was caused by my own stubbornness. I am very competitive and really wanted to go hard and heavy from the get go. When I started feeling pains, I ignored them, resulting in a shoulder injury. After seeing several therapists, I found someone who could help me and I am pain free now. But I still need to tell myself to take it slow and don’t go too hard. My body needs time to recover and accessory work is still very important’


‘My injury was very frustrating to me, because I saw everyone around me getting better. I know it is not for everyone, but for me competition is a driver to go hard. So when for example Manuel or Mayco are doing the same WOD as me, I go harder than I would normally go. Just because I want to beat those guys. I really like to make a little competition out of it and high five them afterwards. But I learned to let go of it a bit. See Rob, he was someone I loved to compete with, but he grew so much the last year, that I know I can’t keep up with him anymore. And that’s fine (I try to tell myself….).’

Church or Crossfit

‘I joined 640 when Coach Georgios was running his gym in ‘De Horizon’, and moved with him to the new location. When 640 became Crossfit Wildhearts it was no surprise to me. We were talking about Crossfit all te time. I am a Wildheart (or 640 member) from day one, and proud of it! Sometimes my kids ask me during holidays ‘why don’t we go to church?’. That’s when I say joking: “I am going to the Wildhearts, that’s somehow the same!”.’

Favorite Wildheart memory

‘Linda and Madelon (my teammates alongside Ali) are still joking about my performance during the very first Wildheart Club Games. I went WAY too hard, my competitive side took over. But I really loved it and learned that competing is a total different ballgame then doing WODs every now and then. But yes, the annual Club Games belong to my favorite Wildheart memories.’

Stay tuned for our next Wildhearts of the Month!



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