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Wildheart of the Month | Kyle

It’s time for a brand new Wildheart of the Month (WOM)! Every month we interview one of our Wildhearts. We ask them about their Crossfit journey, their day job, their favorite movements and about some other goofy stuff. This month our WOM is Kyle Millroy (46), originally from South-Africa, member of the 6 AM crew and managing director at Life Fitness.


“I was born and raised in Port Elizabeth (South-Africa), where I studied my Bachelors of Commerce. After my studies I worked in Turkey and England in the alcohol industry. I moved to the Netherlands to introduce the new product Smirnoff Ice. That went so well that 20 years later I’m still here! I live here with my wife, who is from Guatemala, and our two (born and raised) Rotterdam sons of 12 and 13.”

Lifestyle change

“When I worked in the alcohol industry, I didn’t have a very healthy lifestyle. I drank, I smoked and I didn’t sleep much. Next to the ‘9-5’ office job, I was also expected to have dinners with clients and visit night clubs in the evening to attend promotions. In 2004 I decided to change my lifestyle. I quit smoking and started working out. It started with something called ‘natural’ body building. But I only got chubbier ;-) After that I got into endurance sports, I actually ran 4 marathons! Then I found out about Crossfit through a colleague from England in 2016. I started doing Crossfit by myself in a regular gym. Then I joined a box in Barendrecht. And I have been proud to call myself a Wildheart for 1,5 years now.”

There is no ego here, and the vibe is very international…typically Rotterdam. There are a lot of members from different nationalities, I love that.

A Crossfit Open tour

“A friend and I decided to do a little tour during the Crossfit Open 2 years ago. We did all of the 5 Open workouts in other boxes. Joining an event is a great way to get to know a box, their mentality, and their level of hospitality. When I visited Crossfit Wildhearts, it was a direct match for me. I loved the atmosphere, the cheering, the community feeling, and the very well organized event. There is no ego here, and the vibe is very international…typically Rotterdam. There are a lot of members from different nationalities, I love that.”

“One of the reasons that I train at Wildhearts is because we always start with the basics and go through the scaling options. These are relevant and important for everyone to practice and a great way to learn.”

“I have reached that age where I want to pursue vitality and longevity. A lot of people in my surrounding are getting ill, or aren’t treating their body in a good way. I want to be an example for the next generation, for my sons in particular.

I am part of the 6 AM crew because I see sports as the anchor of my day. When I start the day in the correct way, it’s easier for me to make healthier decisions during the day, concerning nutrition and sleep.

So yeah, my goal is to stay healthy. But of course, I also do Crossfit to give the young guys here a run for their money ;-).


My favourite movements are those challenging the upper body. I am a swimmer, so there is my strength. I know I will never be the strongest guy in the gym, but I like weightlifting. With my endurance background my metabolical condition isn’t bad. I think gymnastics are my weaker spot. But on the other hand I do like pull-ups and toes to bar. So yeah… I think I am a typical all round Crossfitter.

Favorite memory

I never experienced an official social event here because of work, but I love the fact that I have made a lot of new friends, like Amir, Justin, Srini and many others. Guys that I drink a beer with on Friday night. So it is more than a membership here, I made real friends.

Workout Kyle

This year all Wildhearts of the Month will be honoured with their own WOD. Their favorite movements, modalities and duration are combined in a special workout that is given their name. This is the workout of Kyle:

18 min AMRAP

50 Clusters

50 Burpees over the bar

* Partition in any way

* In the remaining time max cal bike/row

The workout 'Kyle' will be the Workout of the Day at 16th November. Don't miss it! 



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