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Wildheart of the Month | Tirsa

It’s time for a brand new Wildheart of the Month (WOM)! Every month we interview one of our Wildhearts. We ask them about their Crossfit journey, their day job, their favorite movements and about some other goofy stuff. This month our WOM is Tirsa Patty (31), HR advisor at an IT start-up and part of our 6 AM crew!


‘At the moment I am starting up the HR department of a scale-up company. We have 40 employees now and we want to scale-up to 80, so that is a big challenge! I might have underestimated the job a little bit, especially the legal part of it. I used to work in sales & recruitment, so I have a very commercial background. That is a completely different mindset, no empathy and very target driven. In HR you work with people and their feelings, instead of money and bonuses. So for me it’s a whole different ballgame, and big eyeopener.’

All or nothing

‘My life used to be all about my career. My mindset in life was ‘all or nothing’. I am trying to become more nuanced nowadays. But I started Crossfit five years ago because of this mindset. I wanted to go 100% and go hard. I wasn’t very motivated in a regular gym. I was really looking for the vibe of very motivated people who wanted to give their all in their sports. So that’s why I started Crossfit. I found some piece of mind in Crossfit.’

‘I found some piece of mind in Crossfit’

Soul searching

‘A while ago I was very restless. Nothing was good enough. My mind was playing games with me. I compared myself to others and kept looking for new challenges and impulses. I really needed a break from it all. I quit my job and decided to travel. I went to Australia for half a year and traveled solo in a campervan. I had a lot of time for myself and was being confronted with my own thoughts. That is where I learned to listen to myself and what I want. One of the things I learned was that it is okay to show my vulnerability and emotions. It is okay to feel bad for a day, and to not live the Instagram perfect life.

When I came back I started my new, people focused, job. And I joined Crossfit Wildhearts.’

Change in strategy

‘After my travels my CrossFit game changed as well. I am more focused on the right technique, breathing, and strategy. I am less about giving it my all, and more looking for quality in my movements. I see now that my score on the whiteboard is not the most important part.

I used to do Jazz ballet as a kid, that’s why my gymnastic game is better. I love gymnastic movements, but also overhead squats and burpees. Long workouts are my jam, so I can turn off my brain and just go. I like lifting, but the technique is still challenging. It is something I want to get better at. Running and assault biking are my least favorite movements. But I do show up when they are on the program.

I train 4 times a week now, my focus is to become better at every modality, and be able to RX workouts. For me is important to stay true to myself, at work, at the gym, in my private life.’

Favorite Wildheart memory

‘I remember a workout in teams of two I was with Nicky, we had to snatch 80 reps, and I thought it was 40. So I celebrated that we were done, Nicky was catching her breath and Coach Sven let me believe that we finished the WOD. But we didn’t. Haha!’

‘I love the support and the cheering for each other when you are done. Help your fellow Wildheart with their final reps of the workout.’

Workout Tirsa

This year all Wildhearts of the Month will be honored with their own WOD. Their favorite movements, modalities and duration are combined in a special workout that is given their name. During the Corona crisis we will create a special Stay at Home WOD for our Wildheart of the Month. This is the workout of Tirsa:

18 min AMRAP 30 Double unders 12 Box jumps 9 Overhead squats

The workout 'Tirsa' wil be the Workout of the Day at 12 May Don't miss it!



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