• CrossFit Wildhearts


We hope that you're doing well and that you're staying healthy with the Stay at Home Workouts! This week's update we'll look into the current offerings and we'll take a glimpse into the future. So scroll down and have look...



Our goal is to keep doing what we do best... coaching awesome group classes with challenging workouts, to keep you fit and healthy! That's why we've updated our Virtual Class schedule and increased the weekly time slots, so that everyone can join in on any of our Virtual classes!

We've also limited the amount of spots available to max 20 on all classes during the week. This way we can provide more personalized tips and cues during the class.

We surely hope that we can open again soon, but if we're mandated to keep the gym closed for a longer period we're planning to progressively add more time slots to our weekly virtual class schedule, so that we can keep providing an alternative service until we can open the gym again. We will surely keep you guys updated on this topic.


You can simply sign up for a virtual class like you're used to, with our regular class schedule. If you 'forgot' how to do that, just simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the CrossFit Wildhearts booking app.

  2. Select the class you would like to attend on our Stay at Home Schedule.

  3. Book a spot and mark your calendar.

  4. Don't forget to create your free Zoom account before class starts.


Please prep yourself before joining a Virtual class! Follow the steps below for an optimal training experience. Check the video above and follow the steps below:


  1. Register yourself for a class through the CrossFit Wildhearts app.

  2. When you've registered yourself through the link you can link the meeting to a calendar of choice (google/outlook). This way you easily remind yourself to attend the class.

  3. Make sure to watch the pre-recorded workout for that day on SugarWOD.

  4. Don't forget to read the workout notes for that day on SugarWOD.

  5. Have all equipment ready that is needed for the workout (water-/detergent bottles, filled backpack etc.).

  6. Download the Zoom app to your laptop/phone.

  7. When setting up your camera make sure we can fully see you (full profile) when working out.