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We hope that you're doing well and that you're staying healthy with the Stay at Home Workouts! This week's update we'll look into the current offerings and we'll take a glimpse into the future. So scroll down and have look...



Our goal is to keep doing what we do best... coaching awesome group classes with challenging workouts, to keep you fit and healthy! That's why we've updated our Virtual Class schedule and increased the weekly time slots, so that everyone can join in on any of our Virtual classes!

We've also limited the amount of spots available to max 20 on all classes during the week. This way we can provide more personalized tips and cues during the class.

We surely hope that we can open again soon, but if we're mandated to keep the gym closed for a longer period we're planning to progressively add more time slots to our weekly virtual class schedule, so that we can keep providing an alternative service until we can open the gym again. We will surely keep you guys updated on this topic.


You can simply sign up for a virtual class like you're used to, with our regular class schedule. If you 'forgot' how to do that, just simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the CrossFit Wildhearts booking app.

  2. Select the class you would like to attend on our Stay at Home Schedule.

  3. Book a spot and mark your calendar.

  4. Don't forget to create your free Zoom account before class starts.


Please prep yourself before joining a Virtual class! Follow the steps below for an optimal training experience. Check the video above and follow the steps below:


  1. Register yourself for a class through the CrossFit Wildhearts app.

  2. When you've registered yourself through the link you can link the meeting to a calendar of choice (google/outlook). This way you easily remind yourself to attend the class.

  3. Make sure to watch the pre-recorded workout for that day on SugarWOD.

  4. Don't forget to read the workout notes for that day on SugarWOD.

  5. Have all equipment ready that is needed for the workout (water-/detergent bottles, filled backpack etc.).

  6. Download the Zoom app to your laptop/phone.

  7. When setting up your camera make sure we can fully see you (full profile) when working out.

  8. If available use wireless ear plugs, so that you can hear the coach.

  9. If you're using back ground music, make sure it's not too loud.

Joining class

  1. Click the link in the CrossFit Wildhearts app to attend the class.

  2. Make sure your camera and audio is on and if possible use wireless earplugs (optional).

  3. Due to security reasons we can only accept participants with their full name displayed.

  4. All attendees will be set to mute, so if your have any questions please use the chat function in Zoom.

  5. We will only allow participants in class who booked the class in the CrossFit Wildhearts app, so make sure you do that!

If you have feedback for the coaches, please let us know by sending an email to We really appreciate your feedback so we can improve our services! 



Winner winner chicken dinner!

Our goal is to keep you fit during these times and that’s why each week we’re giving away two awesome prize packages! How to win? Just sign up for class and each Monday we’ll randomly select two winners out of all registered participants of that previous week in the CrossFit Wildhearts app.

So book a class right now and maybe you’ll be a lucky winner 🙌🏻



As mentioned above, our goal is to keep everyone fit in these times and that's why upcoming Saturday, the 25th of April, we're hosting a 'Bring' a Friend Virtual Workout where all Wildhearts can virtually 'bring' a friend to the Virtual Class!

Event details

What: 'Bring' a Friend Virtual Workout

When: Saturday 25th of April

Time: 10:00h

Spots available: 60

Equipment needed: soda-/detergent bottle or weights

Meeting link: check the booking app

Make sure that YOU sign up for class as usual and that you send the MEETING LINK to the friend you're 'bringing' along. Make sure that they download the Zoom app on their computer or phone, to be able to participate.



If you know anyone that needs to get off their couch and really needs to start moving, we've created the possibility to join in on any of our Virtual Classes by booking a Virtual Drop-in! This way we hope to help and provide a 'stok achter de deur' for those who just simply live the Netflix life at this moment. Regular exercise is crucial in these times and that's why we hope to be a part of the solution and open our (virtual) doors to anyone who is in 'need' of some help or guidance.


What: Virtual Drop-in

How to book: Through this link

For who: Anyone that needs some help/guidance

Costs: € 10,-

More info on our website



Back to the future, back to normal... something that everyone really wants. We of course would love to open the gym again, rather yesterday than tomorrow. Unfortunately we can't be for sure yet when we will be able to open up again, until the government will give us the 'green' light. We've spoken to many Wildhearts who are just as eager as us to get back to training on-site instead of on-line, but for now we need to do what is best for society and stay strong.

We can surely tell that when we get the 'green' light, we will open up the gym again. As of right now we are already preparing and drafting up hybrid ways of opening the gym, while considering and ensuring everyones safety. Until that time we are commited to deliver the BEST online training experience possible. As mentioned earlier we will keep doing what we do best... coaching awesome group classes with challenging workouts, to keep you fit and healthy!

May our efforts however, in providing an alternative service, not be enough for you personally, you will always have the option of downgrading or canceling your membership on our standard cancellation terms. If you have any questions about that or if you are facing financial hardship, please reach out to us.

We truly appreciate all you Wildhearts for supporting us and staying fit by using all of our online services, without cancelling their memberships. It's all thanks to you, that CrossFit Wildhearts will still exist after this crisis and we can open up our 'second home' again.

We can't tell you enough how grateful we are for you sticking by us! 🙏🏻❤️



It is our mission to keep everyone fit and healthy (not only physically but also mentally) by providing an outlet through regular exercise. We know and understand that it is really hard to be motivated to workout in your own living room, but for now it is the only way to stay healthy and fit. That's why we're commited to keep delivering a service to all Wildhearts. Know that we are here for you!

Again thank you for your flexibility, understanding, and generosity as we endure this situation together. We will continue to do our best to update you on any new changes as the situation evolves.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Wild

Team Wildhearts



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