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Hi Team,

How are you holding up? We hope that you're doing well and that you're staying active with the Stay at Home Workouts! This week's update includes some new stuff coming your way, so scroll down and find out... 



First of all we want to thank you taking the time to fill out our Virtual Class Time Slots Questionnaire! We've received some good feedback on the preferred time slots and that's why starting from this week we're launching a New Virtual Class Schedule! Also we're launching a 'New' way for signing up for class, which you can find below.

If we're mandated to keep the gym closed for a longer period we're planning to progressively add more time slots to our weekly virtual class schedule, so that we can keep providing an alternative service until we can open the gym again. We will surely keep you guys updated on this topic.

What is a Wildhearts Virtual class?

This is a live workout class where all members can tune in and where we can train apart-together! From your home you can follow the workout live through Zoom and participate. We will warm up together, workout together and cool down together, like the true community we are! Each class will be fully guided by one of our coaches.


We're launching a 'New' way to sign up for class. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the CrossFit Wildhearts booking app.

  2. Select the class you would like to attend on our Stay at Home Schedule.

  3. Book a spot and mark your calendar.

  4. Don't forget to create your free Zoom account before class starts.


Please prep yourself before joining a Virtual class! Follow the steps below for an optimal training experience. Check the video above and follow the steps below:


  1. Register yourself for a class through the CrossFit Wildhearts app.

  2. When you've registered yourself through the link you can link the meeting to a calendar of choice (google/outlook). This way you easily remind yourself to attend the class.

  3. Make sure to watch the pre-recorded workout for that day on SugarWOD.

  4. Don't forget to read the workout notes for that day on SugarWOD.

  5. Have all equipment ready that is needed for the workout (Dumbbells, water bottles etc.).

  6. Download the Zoom app to your laptop/phone.

  7. When setting up your camera make sure we can fully see you (full profile) when working out.

  8. If available use wireless ear plugs, so that you can hear the coach.

  9. If you're using back ground music, make sure it's not too loud.

Joining class

  1. Click the link in the CrossFit Wildhearts app to attend the class.

  2. Make sure your camera is on and if possible use wireless earplugs (optional).

  3. Due to security reasons we can only accept participants with their full name displayed.

  4. All attendees will be set to mute, so if your have any questions please use the chat function in Zoom.

  5. We will only allow participants in class who booked the class in the CrossFit Wildhearts app, so make sure you do that!

If you have feedback for the coaches, please let us know by sending an email to We really appreciate your feedback so we can improve our services! 



We've added 2 New Programs next to the existing Stay at Home Workouts, that you could follow if you're up for it!

Skill & Strength

Working on your Skills and Strength while in 'quarantaine' is still possible and you don't need heavy weights or fancy equipment. Every Saturday you can find the Skill & Strength workout on SugarWOD, but you can do the workout whenever you would like to. Recommended is to repeat the workout multiple times per week (after joining a Virtual Class), to build strength.


Sitting at home like 7 days per week, working from your dining table without a good office chair is not the ideal situation for good recovery and muscles can get really tight. That's why we're programming a Recovery/Mobility session each Sunday. Recommended is to repeat the session multiple times per week (e.g. as a lunchbreak stretch session).

Find the Recovery/Mobility and Skill & Strength sessions each weekend on SugarWOD!



Besides the live workouts for members only, we also host live Q&A sessions and workshops. These Q&A sessions and workshops will cover different topics like Q&A on the current situation and how to stay motivated, how to dial in your nutrition, about mindfulness, or whatever questions have you ever been wanting to ask the coaches? Now is the time!

Next Sunday we'll host a Live Q&A where we'll talk about 'Injuries'. We will discuss tips & tricks and share each others best practices. 

Event details

What: Live Q&A

Topic: Injuries

Guest: Ruben Kanner (Wildheart and physiotherapist)

When: Sunday 12th of April

Time: TBA (check the CrossFit Wildhearts app)

How to register: click the link in the CrossFit Wildhearts app

Mark your calendar and don't forget to create your free Zoom account!



Getting in touch with your fellow Wildhearts and the coaching crew has never been so easy, with the New Wildhearts Chat! Open from Monday to Friday from 10:00h until 15:00h, you can sign in any time and chat with your fellow wildhearts and/or the coaching crew about every day topics like how your day went, which Netflix series to watch or brag about your workouts scores.


What: The Wildhearts Chat

Where: Zoom

For who: All Wildhearts

When: Mon - Fri

Opening hours: 10:00h - 15:00h

Sign in linkcheck on SugarWOD

You can also find the Sign in Link on SugarWOD!


This crisis has a major impact on everyone, so we want to encourage everyone to support your local businesses. Many of them had to close their doors, just like us and are struggling to survive. We as a community can help them out by supporting them in any way we can think of like buying a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop, order items from their online shop or just simply offering them a helping hand.

We completely understand that some of you are in a similar situation as we are, with your livelihood suddenly threatened. If that's the case, please reach out to us to figure out if we can help you in any way we can think of!

You can call us on +316 33 97 66 98, we are happy to be of any assistance!


Again thank you for your flexibility, understanding, and generosity as we endure this situation together. We will continue to do our best to update you on any new changes as the situation evolves.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Wild

Team Wildhearts



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