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Wildhearts in the CrossFit Open

The CrossFit games are just behind us and already the new season is about to start within weeks. A lot has changed this year for us regular CrossFitters, but also for us as a gym. We have seen a lot of new members joining us lately, so it's time for an educative blog about the most important CrossFit event of the year.

"The CrossFit Open"

So the season starts with the CrossFit Open and it is the first chance to qualify for the CrossFit Games. The worlds top athletes and every champion of each country earns a ticket to go to the CrossFit Games. If athletes were unsuccessful during the CrossFit Open, they can participate at one of the 28 CrossFit Sanctionals to earn their ticket. Now I hear you thinking:

“Me? To the CrossFit Games? Hell yes!”

Over the years the CrossFit Open developed to an annual event, in where athletes all over the world take up the challenge to participate and get ready for the unknown. The CrossFit Open wil last 5 weeks and just before every weekend a workout will be released. This will happen in a global fashion. All over the world athletes will try to perform the workouts as subscribed or scaled, the best they can and guess what: so will we. The excitement of not knowing what to expect will elevate you to a whole new level.

“So if it isn’t a way to qualify for the games, then what is it?”

See the CrossFit Open as an annual test of fitness. Testing your progress in skills and giving you new goals for the rest of the year. You will find yourself pushing harder and doing things you never dreamed were possible.

With 84 participants last year, our little gym was in 119th worldwide.

Wildhearts in the world

With 84 participants last year, our little gym was in 119th worldwide. How cool is that? It speaks for itself that we've set a goal for this year... This year we strive to enter the top 100 and for that we need a lot more Wildhearts. Now I know some of you are not available during the CrossFit Open, but luckily for you it is a worldwide event. So you can do the workout at a different affiliated gym. Make sure you contact them before the workout, so they know you are coming.

“So how does it work for the Wildhearts?”

First of all you have to register yourself through After that, you notify us and put your name on the list. During the Open we will create heats that you can book yourselves in the CrossFit Wildhearts App. There won’t be any regular classes during this period. So if you want to train in the weekend, just sign up for the CrossFit Open and you'll have a great workout every weekend.

Now I know it is exciting stuff and it is ok to be afraid. It still gives me the jitters every year. Don’t worry about it too much and try to enjoy it. Even the scaled workouts are a lot of fun.

For me personally this is going to be a different one. For years I strived to do every workout RX, but sometimes you have to be honest and take a step back. So there is a big chance that for some of the workouts, I will join you guys in the scaled devision. Because is what its all about!



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