• CrossFit Wildhearts

Box Etiquette: What makes a true Wildheart…and a beautiful person in life!

Every CrossFit box is different. And despite some general CrossFit ‘rules’, each box has its own culture, suitable for their community. So have we. And we are proud of it. We have a vision on how we want our gym to be and how we see our members. That’s why we share our vision of a true Wildheart!


We pay attention Coming to a CrossFit workout means that you care for fitness and quality. Good for you! Part of the job is paying attention. Listening to the coach, putting your cues into work and following the class flow. That doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun and jokes. We work hard AND play hard!

We give each other space We know that your ‘trusted spot’ is really precious… ;-) However, we encourage to give each other space! So give up that low rig up for a change to help a tiny Wildheart out, give way when you move onto the next movement in the workout and don’t stare someone right in the face when (s)he’s about to lift that PR weight.

We show up on time This needs no explanation, right? We just show up on time, period.


We cheer

You might be done with the WOD way within the timecap. Good, that gives you plenty of time (and energy) to cheer for that fellow Wildheart. We support and applaud the last ones standing!

We give kudos

A good job may be celebrated: highfives and fistbumps for life, yeah!

We support

We are a community and that is way more than just training together. We support each other in any way we can. From helping someone out in the box to being there to listen to one an other.


We clean our own sh*t Feeling the ur