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Box Etiquette: What makes a true Wildheart…and a beautiful person in life!

Every CrossFit box is different. And despite some general CrossFit ‘rules’, each box has its own culture, suitable for their community. So have we. And we are proud of it. We have a vision on how we want our gym to be and how we see our members. That’s why we share our vision of a true Wildheart!


We pay attention Coming to a CrossFit workout means that you care for fitness and quality. Good for you! Part of the job is paying attention. Listening to the coach, putting your cues into work and following the class flow. That doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun and jokes. We work hard AND play hard!

We give each other space We know that your ‘trusted spot’ is really precious… ;-) However, we encourage to give each other space! So give up that low rig up for a change to help a tiny Wildheart out, give way when you move onto the next movement in the workout and don’t stare someone right in the face when (s)he’s about to lift that PR weight.

We show up on time This needs no explanation, right? We just show up on time, period.


We cheer

You might be done with the WOD way within the timecap. Good, that gives you plenty of time (and energy) to cheer for that fellow Wildheart. We support and applaud the last ones standing!

We give kudos

A good job may be celebrated: highfives and fistbumps for life, yeah!

We support

We are a community and that is way more than just training together. We support each other in any way we can. From helping someone out in the box to being there to listen to one an other.


We clean our own sh*t Feeling the urge? We hear ya, in case of some famous workouts… ;-) But be sure to leave the toilet and shower like you do at home. Don’t think that it is okay to let someone else clean your sh*t.

We care for personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is a delicate subject. Nonetheless we find it important to address. We train in a group and close to others, so that makes your personal hygiene everyone’s business. Be sure you take care of it. We all know how our fav workout shirt can smell after a while right? So throw out the old workout gear once in a while!


We care like it’s our own

We aim for a high-quality gym. Not only in service but also in material. We take really good care of our materials and expect every Wildheart to do so as well. Our hearts break with every empty or light barbell dropped, with every heavy barbell thrown down without control and with every dumbell smashed on the floor. Care like it’s your own.

We clean everything We sweat. We bleed. We might even lose something more (hi there double unders and heavy weights ;-)) That’s why we clean our used materials after every workout. So any Wildheart can start with a fresh barbell, bike, abmat or whatsoever.


We put fun above all

Yes, we want to train hard, beat yesterday and maybe even do some competitions. But fun is – above all – why we do it. We are no Games athletes... So let’s put things in perspective and keep the fun in every workout we do!

We keep our shirts on We Wildhearts aren’t the showing off, the macho, the testosterone kinda types. We are a gym - not a pool - and so we leave our sweat absorbing shirts right where they are meant for. We don’t need to flaunt our fit bodies in order to give ourselves the mental boost we need, right?

We welcome critique and correction

The humble athlete is open to critique and correctionfrom coaches and teammates. If we’re humble, we have an open mind. If we’re humble, we realize that we have weaknesses, so we welcome correction and want others to show us where we can improve.

We play fair

Cheating? Yes, it happens. But guess what: your coach noticed. And so did the other people in the class. We Wildhearts are no cheaters, are we? Let’s go back to the fun part and to putting things in perspective. Let’s have an awesome workout together with a proud and honest feeling about ourselves afterwards!



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