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Wildheart of the Month | Bas

It’s time for a brand new Wildheart of the Month (WOM)! Every month we interview one of our Wildhearts. We ask them about their Crossfit journey, their day job, their favorite movements and about some other goofy stuff. This month our WOM is Bas Stegehuis (27), political assistant and member of the Wildheart family since January.

Contributing to the city

‘I work as political assistent for the vice mayor of alderman, Districts and Small Localities. That means I prepare for council meetings. I actually frequently run in to Wildheart Vincent Karremans, who is a member of the City Council.

During my studies in Law and Economics, I started working as a secretary at the City Hall, where I transcribed meetings. After my graduation this job came on my trail, and it was the perfect fit. I really like the fact that I am always in the know of everything that is happening in Rotterdam.This way I can actually contribute something to the city I live in.’

One thing led to the other..

‘I met Laura trough mutual friends at work. We actually worked in offices right above eachother, and at met each other at Friday night drinks. We live together now, and she introduced me to Crossfit Wildhearts. I visited the box once in a while, to cheer Laura on during the Open. At first I was making fun of all the abbreviations and terms, Crossfit has a whole language on its own. She had to drag me to a family and friends workout, after that I was conviced. Now I get it.’

‘Now I get the Crossfit slang with all the abbreviations and terms for movements’

‘I started Crossfit in January this year. After the on ramp and a few weeks of training 3 times a week I upgraded my membership to 5 times a week. I was just getting up speed when we went in lockdown because of the Corona virus. During that period I didn’t workout a lot. I did a few Stay at home WODS and some running. So I have the feeling I have to start from scratch again. I really need that peer pressure to motivate me to workout. That is why Crossfit is such a good match.’

‘Crossfit helps me unwind and during these strange times even more. The work/life boundaries are fading when you are working from home, so I really like to be able to go out and work out once in a while. So I am happy to hit those 4 times a week again.’

Peer pressure

‘I really enjoy working out and sports. When I was young I used to play soccer, then I was into running and doing triathlons. During my studies I started playing soccer again with my students’ corps. After that a membership at a regular gym didn’t really appeal to me. I really need that peer pressure and the social aspect of sports. Crossfit is the perfect combination of sports and community for me.’

Goal setter

‘I like having a goal in mind when playing sports, that is why I was really into triathlons. I aspire doing something crazy like a full triathlon or a (ultra) marathon one time. I don’t think I want to participate in Crossfit competitions, but I like to set goals for myself. Actually, I drew a place by lot for the Club Games this year, but unfortunately they had to cancel it because of Corona. Now my goal is to qualify myself for the 2021 edition.’

Missing the rig

‘I enjoy everything gymnastics. Everything in the rig is my jam, pull-ups, toes to bar… So I missed that a lot the last months. I was starting to improve my barbell movements, so I missed those during the lockdown. I’m happy we can start doing those again. And I love cardio! Long workouts are my favorite. And because I love a social aspect in my sports I really enjoy buddy workouts. Especially now then we have the 1.5 meter distance situation, it still gives you the community vibe.’

Favorite WIldheart memory

‘I really enjoyed the qualifiers for the Club Games, even though it wasn’t my best performance. We came back the next day to cheer on other Wildhearts. I loved the vibe!’

Workout Bas

This year all Wildhearts of the Month will be honoured with their own WOD. Their favorite movements, modalities and duration are combined in a special workout that is given their name. This is the workout of Bas:

18 min AMRAP

400 meter Run

15 Toes to bar

9 Clean & Jerks

The workout 'Bas' wil be the Workout of the Day at 1st of August! Don't miss it!



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