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Wildheart of the Month | Linda

It’s time for a brand new Wildheart of the Month (WOM)! Every month we interview one of our Wildhearts. We ask them about their Crossfit journey, their day job, their favorite movements and about some other goofy stuff. This month our WOM is Linda Veeke (35), a true Wildheart from the very beginning, Customer Success Specialist by day and party girl by night. 

Promotion during Corona times

‘I work as a Customer Success Specialist at Carerix, we support corporates and personnel intermediaries with recruitment software. I started here 1.5 years ago working for our smaller clients, and a week ago I heard the news that I will be making a step towards the bigger clients. So yeah, I am very proud to be given that feeling of security and trust from my employer! Especially in these strange times. For me it is important to keep growing and working on my career development. Actually.. that’s similar to my Crossfit attitude.. I continuously want to develop myself.’

A true Wildheart original

'I started joining this gym back in the days when we were training at the Horizon, when it was still called Sixforty. Cassim (still a Wildheart member as well) invited me to join him one time. Back then coach Sven was my boyfriend, and we started around the same time. Sven was hooked a little bit sooner than I was. Vivienne had to WhatsApp me multiple times asking why I didn’t show up anymore. It took some time until I found the mojo to train frequently enough to become better and fitter. ‘

Ups and downs

‘Development and growth are an important driver for me in Crossfit (and in life) but it goes with ups and downs. When I have a specific Goal for like the Crossfit Open or the Club Games I can push myself to work on my weaknesses, but sometimes it is fine for me to just show up, train and have fun. Ofcourse I still want to perform that bar muscle up once. But for now, I am happy we can train again, because I missed it...big time!  During the Corona lockdown, my whole daily life structure just disappeared. Apparently, my schedule is build around working out, and work of course. So, for now I am happy to show up and train. And I am glad to see how fast your strength and condition comes back again after doing less some time. 

Finding balance and doing just enough

‘As I said I always want to develop and grow, but I love to find that balance between working my ass off and doing ‘just enough’ to get a good result. Don’t get me wrong, I am not lazy and I do set goals which I want to achieve, but I don’t think it is worth (and possible) to always, give everything, your all. I think I developed this ‘mantra’ some years ago when work started to consume my everyday life and I started to develop serious stress complaints. The balance was lost and I became aware about my energy and what’s most important to me. It gave me the reality check I needed. So I’m very intentional in where I put my energy, effort and time in. For me this works keeping me present, happy and just enjoy LIFE. Now I see this balancing and pacing strategy back in my Crossfit workouts sometimes as well. And I know, if I really want to do that muscle up for example, I have to put the effort in it. Putting in all the necessary work during open gyms, syncing my diet etcetera. But for now I choose not to. I don’t show up here to ‘win a WOD’, for me that’s not the most important part. I just want to stay fit and have fun!’ 

‘I don’t show up here to win a WOD, for me that’s not the most important part’. 

Wake me up for barbell cycling

‘My favorite workouts include barbell cycling. I just love it. I am famous for my ‘Linda’tjes’ - my moans during heavy barbell workouts. And I prefer longer workouts. Workouts of just 6 minutes are not for me. I am not a sprinter and I don’t like to push myself that hard. I like to pace myself strategically during 20 minutes. And what is not my cup of tea? Cardio… Especially biking and running. And squat cleaning. Power cleaning is my jam!’

Favorite Wildheart memory

‘Okay there’s definitely more than one! During one of the first Crossfit Opens drinking with Vivienne on the Chesterfield couch. The very first Club Games, with Madelon and Cassim in my team. The Wildheart Weekenders. All the awesome parties and barbeques. The Saturday afternoon training sessions with the boys. All awesome memories! ‘

Workout Linda

This year all Wildhearts of the Month will be honoured with their own WOD. Their favorite movements, modalities and duration are combined in a special workout that is given their name. This is the workout of Linda:

For time:


Clean & Jerks (30/45)



Clean & Jerks (35/50)

Chest to bar pull-ups


Clean & Jerks (45/60)

Bar muscle ups

The workout 'Linda' wil be the Workout of the Day at 29 September. Don't miss it! 



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