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CrossFit Wildhearts Rotterdam



Once upon a time there was a coach with a lot of ambition and a dream.

A dream to inspire and help people to get the best out of themselves in order to achieve their fitness goals.

He wanted  to make a difference...

So on January 6, 2014 he started Sixforty (which later got baptized to CrossFit Wildhearts) with the intention to create a safe haven to anyone who wanted to get fitter, stronger & healthier. A place with a community who was supportive and not judgemental. Where the beginners became heroes and the egos not applauded.

He wanted this community to enhance their quality of life and have fun while doing so.

When Sixforty got affiliated with CrossFit it got "baptized" into CrossFit Wildhearts, which was inspired by the former logo which was a big orange heart.

With this name change the logo got a little update too.

If you look closely you can still see a heart in the new logo, but upside down.

It resembles the cheeky wild character of a true Wildheart.


[Wild-heart] noun

A person who has survived a struggle.

Someone who has been through an incredible hard time but their heart is still loving and strong.

The heart stands for everything we do at CrossFit Wildhearts.

We believe that there are three components which need to be in balance to have a successful fitness journey, which are... mindset, nutrition & training.

Together they form the core (heart) of a solid foundation to any fitness challenge.

We also believe that if your heart is in the right place, good things will happen.

So that became our mantra within CrossFit Wildhearts.

Until this day the believes at CrossFit Wildhearts are still the same.

So every single day, all crew members at CrossFit Wildhearts, put their hearts and souls into creating a member experience like no other and we'll keep doing that because that is where our hearts beat for.


The Story Continues...

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