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A CrossFitters guide through the Summer Holiday!

Holiday season is here and everybody knows how hard it is maintaining fitness during the holidays. A setback is imminent, so the main question is:

“How do I make sure I don’t completely loose my fitness during the holiday”

Here are some practical tips you could use during your well deserved holiday.

Be active

Now I know you deserved that big holiday and all you want to do is sit back and relax. But big chances are, you were planning on seeing some stuff. Why not grab a bike and cruise through that city or take that long walk or hike to that special waterfall. What a waste of all that water, if you were only planning on laying down at that beach or swimming pool. Get some snorkeling gear and discover the local marine life.

Do a Drop-in

If you want to get a real view of local life or want to go to the best places in town, do a drop-in at the local CrossFit Gym. Not only do they get you a nice workout, but also all the locals train there. They can give you the best advice on where to go to. It is always nice to look at a different kind of approach to CrossFit and next to that you can show off that one of a kind Wildheart mentality.

Be careful on doing handstand push ups in your hotel room, you might break something in there.

Girls, Girls, Girls

No, this is not a call to go to the local stripclub! But if you look at girls benchmarks, you will see these workouts are generally containing movements you could do in a hotel gym. Heck, even some of those workouts consist bodyweight movements only, so in theory they should be doable in your hotel room. Be careful on doing handstand push ups in your hotel room, you might break something in there.

Create your own

Now this is a bit more for the more experienced CrossFitters out there and you need to be practical on this. Look around in your area and try to work with what you got out there. Think about body weight movements like squats, lunges or even your all-time favorite burpee. Add a regular run, uphill run or just a short swim. Make it a 15 to 20 min AMRAP and you are good to go.

Bring your gear

Now all this stuff wouldn't be possible if you don’t have the proper gear in your suitcase. Now I’m not saying you should bring your lifters, but there is some practical and essential gear you need to think of. Items like your jumprope, shoes, shorts, Wildhearts t-shirt, grips and even maybe your knee sleaves, won’t take a lot of space in your suitcase. If you are planning on hitting the water, goggles or snorkeling gear are always nice to bring along.


During the holidays we tend to wander far from our regular way of life. Eating and drinking more than we regularly do and this is fine. But the question is: How far do we deviate from that? Make well thought choices on your nutrition. Give yourself a treat but do it once a day. You don’t have to eat fries the entire vacation and you can limit yourself to only a couple of alcohol beverages a day.

Enjoy your holiday!



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