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CrossFit Gains for Life

The biggest question that most people have is ‘how to get Fitness Gains for Life’… and we’ve got the answer right here!

Fitter, Stronger, Healthier… and Gains

The whole concept of CrossFit is to do the common, uncommonly well. That basically means that whatever task is thrown at you… a CrossFitter will be able to do it all. We’re not supposed to be exceptionally good in just one thing, but we should be moderately good in everything to be the overall best. That’s also the reason why you might feel there’s so much to learn, but not enough time in a day to practice it all. No worries… because that’s why the ultimate goal of doing CrossFit is to gain long term fitness, strength & health and have FUN while getting there. Long term fitness is not gained overnight and it is the repetitive practice and training that will eventually lead to that ultimate goal.

The goal is to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five someone, and blow off some steam. So remember that. Relax. Have fun - Pat Sherwood -

Coaching and Programming for Gains

Training in a group is way more fun and motivating than being on your own. However, group classes can never be tailored for everyone’s individual needs. Therefor it is the biggest challenge to create a program that will get result for every member. That is why we put in lots of time and all our professional knowledge in our own Wildhearts programming. At CrossFit Wildhearts we truly believe that with our way of regular class programming, anyone from any skill level will benefit following the regular classes… even Rich Froning ;)

We spend numerous hours each week, to create a program that will enhance our members’ overall fitness on the long term. We do not focus on the short term gains or short cuts. Progress is the goal… if we focus our efforts on this, we help ensure we’re able to maintain interest for the long run.

Fun for Gains

The magic in getting real gains is FUN!

Nowadays everyone does thrusters, burpees and pull-ups, but it’s the fun you’ll have with the likeminded people in the community that is creating a magical atmosphere that will make your fitness journey, a fun journey to follow. That’s why we put so much emphasize on community and connecting with others.

Patience is a virtue and your body will love you for it

Long term Fitness Gains

One workout a day, keeps the doctor away… and it’s true! Fun fact is that you’ll still become fitter, stronger & healthier and have fun while doing so, but you’ll also do that in a way that is safe and efficient. Patience is a virtue and your body will love you for it, because doing more is not necessarily better… in fact: less is more.

The most PERFECT training schedule for Ultimate Gains

The most perfect training schedule is a schedule where you spend the least time in getting the best results. That’s why we like AMRAPS, FOR TIME, EMOMS etc. because it will limit our time frame in which we can put in the work. The more you can do in a short time frame, the more efficient you are. So, do you really need to spend numerous hours in the gym? You tell me…

The Secret to getting Real Gains

If you truly want to speed up the process, then I will tell you the secret! The secret is that there is no secret and that you’ll have to work your ass off. What I mean by that is that we usually think that to get gains, we need to do more… but that’s not true. It is what you do and how you do things that matter and that eventually will lead to real gains.

Ask yourself this… If you see a workout on the whiteboard:

  • Do you know what the intent of the workout is?

  • Do you have a plan how to attack the workout?

  • Are you focusing on the quality of your movement over quantity?

  • Do you find the intended intensity during the workout?

If you do all of that, then we should also consider if:

  • We recover well enough after a workout?

  • We fuel our body with the right nutrition?

  • We get enough rest/sleep?

All these things matter and are the true markers of progress and will eventually lead to Real Gains.



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