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Wildheart of the Month | Kim

It’s time for a brand new Wildheart of the Month (WOM)! Every month we interview one of our Wildhearts. We ask them about their Crossfit journey, their day job, their favorite movements and about some other goofy stuff. This month our WOM is Kim Wiegers (29), our absolute hero of the Crossfit Open 2019 (she sprained her ankle 3 days before her first Open, but participated anyway). Kim is a software developer at Greenchoice and lives around the corner of Crossfit Wildhearts.

Green bubble

‘I really like working for a company with a green mission. I am a vegetarian, almost vegan, myself and all my colleagues are very eco-conscious. So my work environment is a ‘green bubble’, something I really enjoy. My work as a software developer involves a lot of puzzling and solving problems. I find it very satisfying to find a solution for a problem or fix a piece of code. An interesting detail is is that I am one of only 2 women in my team of 35…’

Feel the progress

“I started working out at a regular gym in 2016. My doctor advised me to work out because of my scoliosis. I wasn’t able to walk more than a few kilometers without getting a backache and pain in my knees. I was getting stronger and felt less pain. However, I hated working out between a bunch of muscular guys who where flexing in the mirror. I enjoyed the group lessons, but they didn’t offer a lot of them. A friend told me about Crossfit, so I decided to try it out. When I first visited Crossfit Wildhearts I was a little intimidated, seeing all those people lifting heavy weights. I decided to give it a try and I really enjoyed my on ramp sessions with Sven. After that I never quit: I work out 5 or 6 times a week. Currently I feel a lot better. I can walk for 10 km easy, and my pain is a lot better. So my advice is: when you are in physical pain and your doctor clears you to work out, please do. Try it out, start, and feel the progress.

‘Thanks to Crossfit I am able to walk for 10 km straight without any pain!’

Surprising myself

“The thing I love the most about Crossfit is the fact that it is very diverse. Every day is different and you never have to think about what to do: the programming is done for you. You are being coached, monitored and given cues. You only have to show up. When you hear the 3,2,1, BEEP you just go for it.”

“I never thought I would like gymnastics, because I tried to do a pull-up for over a year in the regular gym but I never managed to do it. When I started Crossfit I was actually able to do them in a short amount of time! And I really like doing them now.”

Open 2019

“I always told myself I didn’t want to partake in Crossfit competitively. That is why I didn’t participate in the Crossfit Open 2018. When I came by to cheer for my fellow Wildhearts. I really liked the atmosphere and straight away, I was less intimidated. I decided to join the Crossfit Open 2019. I had a whole year to prepare myself! Unfortunately, three days before the open I sprained my ankle during a rope climb WOD. I was super disappointed but determined to participate, so I managed to do every workout one way or another. I surprised myself: I did my first (elevated) strict handstand push-ups! And on top of that I performed very well in 19.4, I was one of the few ladies that finished it scaled.“

Wildheart community

“The coaches at Crossfit Wildheart are good, the quality of the lessons is high, but next to that I especially love the community. I wasn’t really looking for it, because I started doing Crossfit because of the physical benefits, but now it feels like family. The Wildheart community grew on me.”



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