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Wildheart of the month | Marte

Today, let us introduce you to something new on the Wildhearts blog: the Wildhearts of the Month (WOM). Every month we interview one of our Wildhearts.

We ask them about their Crossfit journey, their day job, their favorite movements and some other goofy stuff. This month we start of with Marte (29), she has been a member since March 2015.

Content vs Crossfit

“I am a content strategist at IN10 creative digital agency by day. This means I advice companies and brands on their digital communication. Whether it is with blogs, mails, social media, in digital campaigns and so on. My job is not very physically active: I give presentations and workshops, but most of the time my job involves a lot of sitting behind a laptop. It can be stressful at times, that’s why I like to unwind and empty my mind by doing Crossfit. My dream job would of course be to work for Crossfit HQ as their Head of Communication.”

How it al began…

“I never actually consciously decided to do Crossfit. The gym where I was working out for over half a year (Sixforty) slowly transformed into a Crossfit box. I tried Crossfit before somewhere else, but I figured it was a bit too intense for me. At that time I was running a lot and doing some functional training. So Sixforty really took me over the ‘barrier’ of doing Crossfit.”

Practice the things you suck at

“Now I love it, I can’t imagine doing another sport. When I was young I did a lot of hockey, and found myself quite competitive, but I didn’t really have one particular strength or skill. So Crossfit really fits me, I can do anything from lifting weights, to running, to gymnastics, in different combinations and orders, and it challenges me every time. I have to say I like lifting (heavy) weights best. But in the last year I learned to enjoy the things I am not good at, and I am challenging myself to grow in this area. I am learning that not being good at something is not the same as failing. The only thing you have to do is just do it.”

“Not being good at something is not the same as failing”

Deadlift love

“My favorite movement is the deadlift, and I like strongman stuff, like heavy D-balls and farmer walks. I can’t get over the fact that it is possible as a human being to lift that much weight just by using your body in the right way. And it makes me feel badass. My least favorite workout has to be something involving a lot of cardio. Like a 10k row. Or running combined with rope climbs and toes to bar. Ughh. But I’ll do it anyway.“

Dancing underneath the rig

“My best Wildhearts memory has to be that time we threw a silent disco right underneath the rig. It was the perfect way to close off our Club Games. What’s not to love about working your ass of first, and than celebrating with friends, drinks and a little dance?”

Stay tuned, our next Wildhearts of the Month will be announced very soon!



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