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Dear Wildheart,

Here we are with another update for all our members in these difficult times. Are you still holding up at home? Do you still find the energy to move? The motivation to work out and eat healthy? We surely hope so and are doing all that we can to provide you with the best support we can. Want to know what’s up? First of all, make sure you mark this Saturday at 10AM in your schedule for some Wildhearts quality time and read on to find it all out!


Right after closing the gym, we have created the @stayathomewod platform - on Instagram and YouTube - to give you a new and challenging home workout every single day. We are delighted to see so many positive messages, happy (online) faces and all the Wildhearts results in SugarWOD!

Wildhearts exclusive content

Next to the public content, we offer you Wildhearts exclusive content in SugarWOD and the Wildhearts Family Group on Facebook, like more info on warm-ups, skill/technique development, mobility protocols, cool downs and more. For us it’s important that we still can coach you, even though it’s from a safe distance.

This Saturday: Wildhearts @stayathomewod DATE!

But there’s more coming up… This Saturday we will host the first Wildhearts @stayathomewod date: a live workout session where all members can tune in and where we can train apart-together! From your home you can follow the workout live through Zoom and participate. We will warm up together, workout together and cool down together, like the true community we are!

@stayathomewod DATE details:

When: Saturday 21 March

Start/end: 10:00u / 10:40u

Who: All wildhearts

Costs: Free

Spots available: 100

How to sign up: click the link below

Mark your Calendar and sign up here and create your free Zoom account!

This Saturday we will kickoff and if it's succesfull we'll be hosting these Workout Dates multiple times per week. More info about that soon!

Live Q&A sessions and workshops

Besides the live workouts for members only, we will also host live Q&A sessions and workshops starting from next week. These Q&A sessions and workshops will cover different topics like Q&A on the current situation and how to stay motivated, how to dial in your nutrition, about mindfulness, or whatever questions have you ever been wanting to ask the coaches? Now is the time!

More info about the live Q&A sessions will come your way soon!