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The 6 most important reasons why you should compete in CrossFit.

When most people hear the word "competition" their reaction is:"No... competition is not for me" and I always ask them"why not". I found out that most of the times it has to do with our own doubts and insecurities. I'm here to tell you why you SHOULD compete in CrossFit even though the thought of it frightens you.

Here are my 6 most important reasons:

1. FUN

Number one reason is to have fun! Even though it’s competition and everybody who is competing wants to win, you can still have a lot of fun while doing so. You can take your competition seriously, but never overdo it. Winning or losing, you should enjoy every moment that you experience on the competition floor, because it’s your time to shine and show what you've got.


It is good to test your fitness level among other athletes in a competitive atmosphere and see what the results are of all the hard work you’ve put into your daily workout routine. The competitive atmosphere has something magical, because it gets our adrenaline pumping which allows us to reach deeper than we would usually do.


While most people think failing is a bad thing, it’s actually not. There a no greater minds in the world that have failed many...many times, before they've became legendary. Ask Rich Froning, Katrin Davidsdottir, Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein or any other legend. The only thing that separated them from others, is that they’ve never stopped trying.


You can learn so much about yourself while competing. How you react and deal with various situations you come across when competing. Competing is an overall emotional rollercoaster where nothing is certain and you go out there and expose yourself to the unknown.


By learning you can not only grow as an athlete but as an person as well. We humans are mostly very satisfied in our comfort zone, but going outside that zone will stimulate our growing proces. Development is stimulated when we expose ourselves to new situations, learn from our mistakes, adapt and use that knowledge for your training or next competition.


It takes some guts to compete but you always will become a better athlete (and person in general) because of the evolution we experience. Remember that becoming fitter, stronger and healthier is a journey and not a destination. So get out there and expose yourself. Don’t let your fears stand in your way, because trying is always better than giving up or not trying at all.

Next weekend it's time for our annual Club Games qualifier!

So if you are still hesitant to sign up, then hopefully after reading this blog you'll know what to do... ;)



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