• CrossFit Wildhearts

Update: covid-19 measures

We are happy to announce that with the recent announcement of the government, we are allowed to stay open! 🙌🏻🏋🏼‍♀️

Next to our existing measures, we are going to take a number of extra measures to make the gym as safe as possible for all members, visitors and coaches. These measures will take effect from tomorrow (Thursday 15/10).

Below you will find the extra measures that we will be taking for the upcoming 2 weeks, until the government will advice otherwise:

  • Showers, changing rooms and wardrobe will be closed

  • "Workstations" are being created again, where everyone has his/her own equipment available

  • All participants can put their belongings in the designated bins at their workstation

  • Visiting the toilet is only possible with the permission of the coach (ask first)

  • The workout programming will be adjusted in such a way that there always will be enough distance between participants (ex. team workouts only without sharing equipment)

  • For the time being there is no obligation for participants to wear a nose mouth mask before/after class (if you feel more comfortable with a nose mouth mask, you're more than welcome to wear it)

  • For all coaches we have decided to use a mandatory face mask ONLY when the workout is in progress (the reason for that is because this is where the chance is highest to catch air particles/moisture splashes from participants)

With these measures we hope to be able to contribute and prevent the spread of the virus and to keep the gym a safe environment for everyone, so that we can remain open and prevent a total lockdown.

If you have any questions concerning the extra measures, feel free to send an email to team@crossfitwildhearts.com. We'll be happy to be of any assistance.

We thank you for understanding and helping us keeping the gym a safe environment to all!

Team Wildhearts