• Sven

A last call for the Open...

So you just started out this CrossFit thing and already your coaches and fellow athletes are trying to persuade you into the CrossFit Open. You hear these terrifying stories and you wonder: “Am I up for the task”.

The open is a 5 week, worldwide get-together, that gives people the opportunity to test their current state of fitness. The worlds best athletes also compete in that same CrossFit Open, doing the same workouts to qualify for the CrossFit regionals, where they can compete for a spot at the Reebok CrossFit Games.

On the Crossfit youtube channel there is a video called “the story of the open”. It shows how the CrossFit Open started and to what size it evolved to. People all over the world gathering around for this annual event, all in pursuit of fitness. And guess what, when you’re reading this, you are part of that evolution and in pursuit of that same fitness.

Why is the CrossFit Open so special?

For 5 weeks, every Thursday night/Friday morning, CrossFit announces the workouts and gives you four days to submit your scores. What makes these workouts so special, is the fact that they are suited for the average person, but also for the best in the world. There is always something in there that will take you out of your comfort zone. You can literally feel the excitement of all those people, all over the world, while you do these workouts. It is truly something magical.

The entire year we have been training and working up to this point and because of that magic you will come to a realize that you are capable of a whole lot more than you realized in the first place.

Six months before the open of 2016 I did my first bar muscle up, but it seemed to be a lucky strike. I tried and tried but never rose above that bar again. So the Open of 2016 started and my goal was to do it RX. In the third week of the Open, Dave Castro announced 16.3…

RX: 7 min AMRAP:

10 power snatches 55 lb./75 lb.

3 bar muscle-ups

Scaled: 7 min AMRAP

10 power snatches 35 lb./45 lb.

5 jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups

So on Saturday,on the end of the day, just before my heat started, I was standing underneath the rig and decided to give it one more try. Because it was the last heat, we had a pretty big crowd. As I tried, I almost failed, but that crowd, our athletes, my friends, started to roar and for some reason I kept pressing that bar and rose above that bar once again. They would do that for the upcoming 7 minutes and I completed 3 full rounds. Magic…

During the open, we all have moments like these, where we surprise ourselves.

To get the best results as possible during the open we need help. We need someone that tells us we do the movements as subscribed. Every week Crossfit sets the movements standard and sometimes comes up with new one's to make sure we reach the full potential of a workout. We need a judge...